SakeWiz™ Mission Statement

SakeWiz™ will strive to bring Sake to every part of the world. We will do this by protecting, promoting and educating the history and culture of Japanese Sake to everyone, both expert and new consumer alike. SakeWiz will never be motivated by profit. We will be driven by our desires to protect and preserve the culture of Sake, and educating consumers all over the world.

Why SakeWiz™

According the latest reports, there were 2,352 sake breweries in 1994 and 1,563 in 2015.Exports abroad however, are going UP! Internationally Sake is a well-respected, but not well understood premium beverage. SakeWiz™ strongly believes in maintaining and enhance the cultural history and experience that has enriched Japanese culture for centuries. This is why our service is free to the breweries and suppliers of this fine product.

Almost all members of the SakeWiz™ management team are Kikisake-shi(Sake Sommeliers), who understand, appreciate and love and respect the culture and history that surrounds Sake.

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June 15, 2017

Firenze Sake Restaurant - Opening July 1st 2017 !

Welcome to the new SakeWiz™ food venture in the trendy Sangenjaya Tokyo. Fine Italian food and exquisite Japanese Sake.

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